Sunday, February 5th, 2023

Will smartphones be extinct by 2030? your brain will be directly connected to the internet

New Delhi. If you are asked to leave your smartphone? So can you do it? Most people cannot keep their smartphone away from themselves even for 2 hours. Be it work or entertainment users depend on their smartphones for many things in life. Waking up in the morning to read the news, booking a ride to office, paying for lunch, ordering groceries for the house, feeling hungry, having something to eat or sending a gift to someone on a special occasion, bank Be it checking transactions, watching a movie, setting a medicine alarm – you are dependent on your smartphone for every small task from morning to night.

Nokia CEO Makes Something That Might Make You Think. Pekka Lundmark, CEO of Nokia, claims that by 2030, smartphones will largely be gone. They claim that many devices will be implanted directly in our body. With this, the commercial use of 6G will start by 2030.

When he was asked that when will smart glasses or any other devices replace smartphones? So Lundmark said that this will happen even before the arrival of 6G. He has said that it will no longer be the most common interface for smartphones as we know them today. Many things will be made directly in our bodies.

However, Pekka Lundmark didn’t say what these electronic products would be that would force people to give up phones. In 2030, the technical requirements of 6G networks will also change to a great extent. This will require massive computing power and faster network speeds. It will be about 100 times or 1,000 times faster than the current network.

How will be the future of technology?
It is estimated that by 2050 people will stop using smartphones. Instead, their brain will be directly connected to the internet. The human brain will be connected to the Internet through advanced brain-computer interfaces. When someone needs some information, like- call a friend, turn on the light, order food, just think about it and it will happen. AI algorithms will run with normal brain function. It will help people learn new skills, manage their lives and perform difficult tasks. The cloud will become an extension of a person’s mind.

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