Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024

In a shocking case, US senator suggested that Israel should be allowed to carry out nuclear attack on Gaza like Hiroshima, Nagasaki

Comparing the Israel–Hamas war with World War II, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said that it was “the right decision” for the US to drop atomic bombs on Japan to end the war and that he would also call on Israel to end the war. They should be given the bombs they “need”. ,

Graham, a Republican senator and staunch supporter of Israel, criticized President Joe Biden for blocking the delivery of 3,000 heavy bombs to Israel.

During an interview on NBC News on Sunday, Graham said, “When we faced destruction as a nation fighting the Germans and the Japanese after Pearl Harbor, we decided to end the war by bombing. ” [of] hiroshima [and] Nagasaki with nuclear weapons…it was the right decision.”

He added: “Give Israel the bombs they need to end the war. They cannot afford to lose.”

Further drawing comparisons with the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – which killed more than 2,00,000 people and left many badly traumatized – the US senator said that for Israel to survive as a ‘Jewish state’ ” Whatever “must” be done, must be done.

“Why is it okay for the US to drop two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end their existential threat war? Why was it right for us to do this? I thought it was OK,’ Graham said.

He added, “So, Israel, do whatever you have to do to survive as a Jewish state. Whatever you want to do.”

The Republican senator also argued that Hamas is to blame for civilian casualties throughout the conflict because it uses civilians as ‘human shields’ in the Strip.

“I think it is impossible to reduce civilian deaths in Gaza as long as Hamas uses its population as human shields. “I have never seen such blatant efforts by an enemy in the history of war – Hamas – to put civilians at risk,” Graham said. “The last thing you want to do is reward this behavior.”

Recently, President Joe Biden halted the delivery of 3,000 heavy bombs to Israel and vowed to deploy more offensive weapons if Israeli forces launch a major operation in Rafah, where more than a million Palestinians are sheltering. .

Biden’s pause on heavy bombs, his criticism of Israel’s military campaign and his threat to withdraw more weapons in the event of a Rafah offensive, comes amid widespread college protests in the US and frustration with the war among some Democrats and those on the left.

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