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The woman showed intelligence at the request of her sister-in-law, now the Israeli security agency is after her.

Delhi Airport: The financial condition of Hetal Ben, living in Anand, Gujarat, was not very good. Whatever the husband and wife earned together, it was very difficult to maintain the family. To get relief from his poverty, he called his sister-in-law living in Israel. Hearing the ordeal of her son-in-law, sister-in-law felt pity and advised Hetal Ben to come to Israel.

Hetal’s sister-in-law asked her to contact Om Sai Care Taker Training Center located in Paharganj area of ​​Delhi. On the advice of her sister-in-law, Hetal reached the institute, where she met a woman named Richa Nanda. After the talks were finalized, Richa Nanda not only arranged for Hetal’s passport but also arranged for all the related documents to go to Israel.

That’s why Israel blacklisted Hetal
According to IGI Airport DCP Usha Ranganani, with the help of Richa Nanda, Hetal left for Israel from IGI Airport in 2012. Hetal lived in Israel for about ten years. Due to overstay in 2023, Hetal was blacklisted by Israeli security agencies and deported to Delhi Airport. After reaching Delhi, she went back to her home in Anand.

After sitting quietly for about two-three months, she once again started planning to go to Israel. But, due to being blacklisted, it became almost impossible for him to go to Israel. With the aim of finding a solution to this problem, Hetal once again met Richa Nanda. This time Richa Nanda gave Hetal the number of an agent named Ramesh Sharma and asked her to contact him.

Hetal finally managed to reach Israel
According to DCP Usha Ranganani, met agent Ramesh Sharma in Hetal in April 2024. During this meeting, Ramesh Sharma assured to send him to Israel. In return for this work, Ramesh Sharma demanded six lakh rupees. After getting the money, Ramesh arranged fake documents for Hetal and with the help of these documents, Hetal was sent to Tel Aviv city of Israel.

With the help of Ramesh, Hetal managed to reach Tel Aviv airport, but during the immigration check, her secret was exposed and she was once again deported to Delhi airport. Hetal was arrested after reaching Delhi. During interrogation, the name of Ramesh Sharma came up, after which the airport police started raiding in search of this agent.

Mastermind of the case caught
A team was formed to arrest Agent Ramesh, which included Inspector Raj Kumar, SI Mukesh, Female Sub Inspector Saroj and Female Head Constable Pramod. At the same time, after knowing about Hetal’s arrest, Agent Ramesh absconded. After which, with the help of local intelligence and technical surveillance, the police discovered the whereabouts of the accused.

DCP Usha Ranganani said that accused Ramesh Sharma has been arrested from a village in Alipurduar district of West Bengal. During interrogation, accused Ramesh Sharma has confessed to his crime. The investigation of the case is still going on.

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