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Dehradun is getting ready for tourists, amazing views will be seen on the walls; the scene will be fascinating

Hina Azmi/ Dehradun: Every year thousands of people come to visit Dehradun. As soon as the holidays start, the number of tourists here increases. If you are planning to come to Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, then colorful and beautiful walls are waiting for you here. These days, the beautiful paintings on the walls of Dehradun, ranging from the beauty of nature to the beauty of the mountains of Uttarakhand and the Madhubani paintings of Bihar, are attracting the passersby.

Actually, in view of the tourist season and Chardham Yatra, the administration is making various efforts to beautify Dehradun. Especially many types of paintings have been made along the main roads passing through Dehradun, in which views of the world of aquatic animals and mountain trails can be seen. Last year, during the Global Investor Summit in Dehradun, work was done to improve the walls and roads. Now under the Dehradun Smart City Project, paintings are being made on the walls to make Doon attractive.

tourists are getting attracted
Gudiya, a resident of Dehradun, says that the pedestrians feel very good while passing through these roads. Because we are able to see many beautiful pictures on the wall, which have been made by hand. He said that seeing the efforts of the government, people are also becoming aware. Earlier, people used to spit on the walls after consuming gutka paan. The walls used to look dirty due to moss etc. but now they look very beautiful.

Along with the walls, work should also be done on the roads.
While on one hand many people seem happy with the paintings on these walls, on the other hand many people also have complaints. Because he says that it is better to fix the infrastructure than decorating the walls. Dehradun resident K Rana told Local 18 that the beauty of the walls is an afterthought. First, potholes should disappear from the roads. Apart from the main roads of the city, there are many roads where people passing through them have to throw up dust. Therefore, it is better to repair the roads first.

Rejuvenation of Dehradun under Smart City
Dehradun District Magistrate Sonika has informed that Chardham has started in the state. At the same time, the number of tourists is also increasing. In such a situation, efforts are being made to make Dehradun beautiful under the Smart City Project. In this, work is being done by many departments including Municipal Corporation, MDDA and Public Works Department.

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