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PM Modi is adopting the 2014 formula, know what he is doing

New Delhi : Voting for four phases of Lok Sabha elections has taken place. PM Modi is campaigning vigorously on behalf of BJP. There are many similarities between PM Modi’s 2014 election campaign and the 2024 election campaign. Political analysts believe that PM Modi is adopting the same formula in 2024 which he had adopted in 2014. Even a decade ago, PM Modi was at the center of BJP’s publicity. PM Modi has an important contribution in the popularity of BJP. This is the reason why even after 10 years, the entire election campaign of BJP is on the face of Narendra Modi. Modi is known for his masterstrokes. On the lines of 2014, PM Modi is once again contesting elections from Varanasi. PM Modi filed his nomination from Varanasi on Tuesday. From roadshows to public meetings, everything is being done like 2014.

Modi’s Campaign Program

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is following almost the same campaign program in these Lok Sabha elections as he did a decade ago in 2014. PM Modi addressed four to five rallies every day in 2014. After a somewhat slow start to this phase, Modi has regained his old momentum in the latter stages. The situation is that PM Modi is holding three rallies and one road show almost every day. The special thing is that PM Modi had taken a break from election campaign on 9th May. However, this was a surprise for many people. The schedules of leaders of other parties who are younger in age are still less busy than that of PM Modi.

“I am not seeking a third term to enjoy power… I am living for the future of poor children. The dreams of crores of women, poor and youth are Modi’s resolve.” – Narendra Modi at BJP’s national conference, February, 2024

Strategy to Reach New Voters

Even before the announcement of Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi had talked about connecting with new voters. PM Modi had said that BJP needs to reach out to every new voter. He said that before the Lok Sabha elections, we all have to reach every new voter, every beneficiary, every community. We have to win everyone’s trust and support. Narendra Modi is also appealing to the youth in his meetings to vote for the nation. Political experts believe that PM Modi has caught the pulse of young India. He is connecting directly with the youth through his speech.

Craze to Contest Elections Against PM

As the last date for filing nomination papers from Varanasi approached, a crowd of candidates gathered at the District Collectorate on Monday. More than 100 candidates from different parts of the country reached Varanasi to register their names in history by contesting elections against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. More than 70 nominations were filed on Monday. At the same time, some candidates were still waiting in the queue. Tuesday was the last day for filing nomination papers.

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