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‘Panchayat 3’ Web Series: Will You Become the Next Secretary of Phulera Village? If Yes Then Send Your CV!

The third season of Amazon Prime Video’s famous web series ‘Panchayat’ is going to be released before the audience soon, but before that the makers are doing everything to remain in the social media buzz. Recently, along with the new post, it was announced that the trailer of the show will be released on May 17, but more than the trailer, it was discussed that Secretary Abhishek Tripathi i.e. Jitendra Kumar was missing from the new poster. And now it’s too much for the fans, because a vacancy has been announced in Phulera village to search for the next secretary! Let us know what the matter is. Prime Video shared a post on its social media handle, in which it is written, ‘Vacancy. Phulera village is looking for a new secretary. Will you become the next secretary of Phulera? Send your CV. In this post the wall of the Panchayat office and also a chair are visible. Remember this chair?

Ganesh to Assume Role of Secretary?

Remember the village’s son-in-law Ganesh? If you don’t remember this chair, let us remind you. In one episode, Abhishek Tripathi i.e. Jitendra Kumar brings a chair to his office. There is a lot of controversy regarding this chair. A marriage takes place in the village. The wedding processions are organized in the Panchayat office. The village’s son-in-law Ganesh sees this chair and takes it away. Reports are saying that in this season Ganesh (actor Asif Khan) will become the new secretary of Phulera village. In the new post, the lovely villagers of Phulera village are face to face. On one side are Manju Devi, her husband Pradhan ji, Prahlad uncle and Binod along with Sanvika, while on the other side are Banarakas, his wife Kranti, MLA and others. On one side there was a stick and on the other side there was a gun. Jitendra Kumar is missing in this post.

Premiere Date

Watch the show on Prime Video on 28th May. It is being speculated that Pradhan ji and his family are fighting with other people including MLAs and Banrakas to save the chair of Secretary i.e. Abhishek Tripathi. well. Now what is the real matter, this will be known only on Prime Video on 28th May.

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