Friday, December 1st, 2023

Musk changed the Twitter logo after commenting on a user, the new one is already used for memes

Photo:India TV The Twitter logo has been changed.

Twitter Logo Changed: The Twitter logo has been changed. Today late night according to Indian time, Musk tweeted that I have kept my promise. he/she has changed the Twitter logo to look like the famous cryptocurrency dogecoin. This dog face logo was created as a meme in 2013 for the Dogecoin cryptocurrency of a Shiba Inu. Let me tell you that one of the purposes of making this dog photo was also to make fun of cryptocurrency. The reason behind Musk doing this was some questions asked by a user on Twitter. Actually, a user named Chairman had asked Musk on Twitter that I want to buy Twitter and make its logo like Dogo. At that time, Elon Musk gave his/her answer laughingly. But tonight at around 1 am, he/she tweeted that I have kept my promise.

This is the Twitter profile of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency

What has changed?

Ever since the company started the subscription policy. She was telling the IDs of users who got blue badges by paying money as subscribed (This account is verified because it’s subscribed to Twitter Blue) and legacy accounts on the IDs of already verified users without paying money (This account is verified because it’s a legacy verified account). Now the same information is coming on both the IDs. Now when you click on the blue badge, you get written that this account is either subscribed or legacy account. You can understand from the below screenshot. We have put below the screenshot of two accounts for your understanding. One is already verified while the other is subscribed.

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How much does Twitter Blue charge?

The company has set different charges for this in different countries. Indian users will have to pay Rs 650 per month to get Twitter Blue Tick. If you pay Rs 650 every month, then you will have to pay Rs 7800 in a year, while taking the annual plan will save a lot of money. Please tell that the annual plan of Twitter Blue Tick is Rs 6800. After taking the service of Twitter Blue Tick, you will be able to tweet in 4 thousand characters. In this service, you get the facility to edit 5 times in 30 minutes. Apart from getting Blue Tick service, users will also be able to share full HD quality videos on Twitter. Blue tick verified users will also be given priority in the platform.

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