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If you eat from this one market in Delhi, you will forget to order it online.

Tilak Nagar Market of Delhi is very famous for clothes. This market is the first choice of people for shopping. People from far and wide come to this market to shop. If you are tired of shopping in Tilak Nagar and are also hungry, then do not forget to try the viral street food here. Although Tilak Nagar is known for its Punjabi flavours, but for some time now it has become quite famous for its food and drinks. Now this market is considered a treasure trove of food.

Because there are many such street food stalls whose food has gone viral on social media. After watching their videos, people have started gathering at these stalls and the truth is that people are liking their food very much. So let us know about the food items in Tilak Nagar Market.

B.Tech Pani Puri Wali

In the last few days, B.Tech Panipuri Wali’s Panipuri has become very popular in Delhi. Taapsee Upadhyay sets up Pani Puri cart on Jail Road in Tilak Nagar Market. If you feel like eating something spicy and spicy, then definitely visit this viral Pani Puri cart. The Panipuri here is not fried in oil, but is air fried and you will enjoy drinking its water. The price of plate Pani Puri here is Rs 30.

samosa stall

samosa stall

If you want to eat samosas while shopping, then a stall of samosas and bread pakodas is set up on the footpath near Gate No. 2 of Tilak Nagar Metro Station. You will not find the taste of samosas like here anywhere else. This shop is 30 years old. The snacks available here are so delicious that a crowd of people gathers from 5 in the morning. This shop is buzzing after 3 o’clock in the night. First thing in the morning, newspaper vendors reach here with their carts and start their work after having tea and samosas.

Rama’s Chole Bhature

Rama's Chole Bhature

By the way, Chole Bhature of Delhi is very famous. You will see their stalls set up everywhere. But the taste of Chole Bhature available in Tilak Nagar is unique. Rama’s Chole Bhature is a must try here on Check Road. The craze among people for their Chole Bhatur is such that even Virat Kohli is crazy about it. Whenever you go to Tilak Nagar, do not forget to eat Chole Bhature here.

Uncle Maxine’s Burgers

Uncle Maxine's Burgers

People who come to Tilak Nagar for shopping definitely eat burgers here. Here on Jail Road there is a small cart in the name of Maxine Uncle. On this you can taste Mexican dishes. Here you will get to eat Maxine Burger, Maxine Cheesy Fries, Mexican sub. If you want to try Maxine Drishel, do explore Tilak Nagar Market.

fresh juice

fresh juice

Who doesn’t like fresh juice and ice cream in summer? If you are in Tilak Nagar, then both these things are available fresh at a shop here. There is a small shop in front of MCD Primary School on Gurudwara Road in the Main Market. Here you can try fresh juice and homemade ice cream. Many types of flavors of Faluda are also available here. Mango Falooda, Malai Masti, Pineapple Falooda, Rabdi Falooda and Royal Falooda are very much liked.

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