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Anushka Shetty will marry Kannada film producer? Report claims- both of them are engaged

The news that has come about ‘Baahubali’s Devasena i.e. Anushka Shetty may shock the fans. Especially, those fans who are dreaming of her marriage with Prabhas. Actually, there are reports that Anushka Shetty is going to marry a Kannada film producer and not actor Prabhas. A report has claimed that Anushka Shetty is engaged to the producer. The marriage will take place by the end of this year. This news is really going to break the hearts of Prabhas-Anushka’s fans. Till now the fans were thinking that Anushka Shetty is dating Prabhas. Both are very good friends and have worked together in many films. The pairing of Prabhas and Anushka was much liked in the ‘Bahubali’ series, and since then the news of their dating started coming. Even his marriage started being discussed.

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Anushka Shetty is engaged, marriage also fixed!

According to the report of ‘News9Live’, Anushka Sharma is engaged with a Kannada film producer, and both will get married by the end of this year. But till now nothing has been said regarding this from the actress or her family. According to reports, the producer with whom Anushka is going to get married is 42 years old and Anushka Shetty is also 42 years old.

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Anushka Shetty said this on dating Prabhas

Whereas, if we talk about Prabhas and Anushka, both of them are considered to be the hit pair of Telugu cinema. Fans always wanted to see this pair together in real life also. But Anushka always called Prabhas a friend. A few years ago, in an interview, Anushka Shetty had said on the news of her affair with Prabhas, ‘Prabhas is such a friend of mine, whom I can call even at 3 in the morning. Our names are often linked together because we are not married, but we make an amazing couple onscreen. If anything like this had happened between us, it would have come out by now.

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Prabhas said this on the news of dating with Anushka Shetty

Prabhas also reacted and said that there is nothing between him and Anushka. Had it been so, we both would have definitely been seen together somewhere in the last two years. Prabhas had said that he and Anushka could not keep their relationship hidden for two years. Therefore the news of their dating is just a rumour.

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