Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

Good News! These special features will be seen in Whatsapp soon, chat privacy and security will also be strong


  • WhatsApp is getting better with time
  • Many special features will be added in the coming time
  • Telegram and Signal face tough competition with WhatsApp

New Delhi.
From time to time, tremendous features are being added to the instant messaging app Whatsapp, which is very important and timely for the users. Now in the coming times also, many great features are going to be added to WhatsApp, which will not only benefit the users, as well as ensure the security of their chat and video data as well as the documents shared on WhatsApp. You must have been hearing for a long time that WhatsApp will now work on many devices simultaneously and now Instagram reels videos will also start showing on WhatsApp itself. All these things will become a reality very soon and your WhatsApp will become a major source of entertainment, not just for chatting.

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These features are awesome
In the coming time, the special features of Whatsapp that are being added, ‘Instagram Reels on WhatsApp’ is very tremendous. After adding this feature, you will see a section on WhatsApp itself, in which you will be able to watch entertaining reels videos of content creators from all over the world. Since WhatsApp is now a Facebook-owned company, the integration process will see a lot more on a single platform. WhatsApp logout is also very special in an upcoming feature of WhatsApp. Something will happen in this that if you are busy with some important work and are getting troubled by the frequent WhatsApp notifications, then you will be able to log out of WhatsApp for some time. This is a very interesting feature.

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WhatsApp will now become a source of entertainment too

something new is coming
One special feature that has been waiting for a long time on WhatsApp is the Multi Device support feature, in which your one WhatsApp number will be able to run on multiple devices simultaneously. This may or may not be necessary, as commanding them together may not be easy for some users. In the coming time, an interesting feature is coming related to the speed control of the audio section of WhatsApp, in which you can increase or decrease the speed of your voice.

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Whatsapp new features 2021 and Chat privacy tips 2

Many special features will be added to WhatsApp this year

This year, the Join Missed Group Calls feature is also going to be added to WhatsApp, which you must have seen in other video conferencing apps including Zoom or Meet. In the coming time, you will also be able to see this feature in WhatsApp, so that you will be able to avoid missing an important video call.

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