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Amritpal Singh, who runs a drug de-addiction center, turns out to be a ‘drug lord’.

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Amritpal Singh’s connection with drug dealers sitting abroad

After the arrest of Amritpal Singh, shocking revelations are happening about him/her. Chief radical preacher of ‘Waris Punjab De’ Amritpal Singh was arrested on Sunday from Moga district of Punjab. he/she was absconding for more than a month. It is now emerging that Amritpal had links with drug lords and notorious Khalistani terrorists.

‘Drug Lord Amritpal’

Information has come to light that the white luxury Mercedes SUV in which Amritpal used to roam freely was given to him/her by the drug mafia, whose name is said to be Rawel Singh. Why did Amritpal not hesitate to take Mercedes from drug dealer Ravel Singh and roam freely in it till he/she absconded. It was building a private militia of drug addicts in de-addiction centers to create law and order problems. In these de-addiction centers, arms are imported illegally from Pakistan. Not only this, evidence has also been found of Amritpal’s connection with ISI in Pakistan, which helps him/her in running the illegal drugs business.

Factory of violence was making de-addiction centers
The affiliates of ‘Waris Punjab De’ (WPD) try to develop a radicalized violent mindset among the victims of these de-addiction centers. If prisoners did not agree with his/her views, they were beaten until they began to conform to the WPD. ‘Waris Punjab De’ uses inmates of these de-addiction centers to stage violent protests. Amritpal is involved in the nexus of drug addiction by procuring cheap antidotes of poor quality of drugs, thereby increasing the dependence on the drugs.

Drones can be involved in drug smuggling
Not only this, if government sources are to be believed, ever since Amritpal came to Punjab, there has been a sudden increase in the number of drones carrying drugs from across the border. Due to this, the agencies suspect that Amritpal is also involved in bringing drugs from Pakistan to India through drones. Investigation has also revealed that Amritpal Singh had relations with Jaswant Singh Rode in Dubai. his/her brother Lakhbir Singh Rode runs the drug trade in India from Pakistan. Investigating agencies also suspect that Amritpal may be involved in this.

Wires connected to drug dealers sitting abroad
There is also a question before the investigating agencies that if the de-addiction centers were being run by ‘Waris Punjab De’ then why no doctor was appointed in them. In these centers, the lives of common citizens were being played openly. Not only this, Amritpal’s London-based associate Avtar Singh Khanda has links with Paramjit Singh Pamma, who sends drugs to India. Amritpal also has links with Pakistan based cross border drug dealers like Billa, Bilal, Rana etc.

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