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Saying ‘Bhidu’ like Jackie Shroff will be expensive! Actor files suit in High Court for non-use

You must have heard Bollywood’s veteran actor and everyone’s favorite Jackie Shroff speaking ‘Bhidu’ a lot. He uses this word a lot from the film screen as well as in normal life. It is very possible that you too might have been inspired by him and started using this word. But doing so now can land you in legal trouble. The actor has approached the Delhi High Court on the use of the word ‘Bhidu’ under the ‘Protection of Personality and Publicity Rights’ and has filed a case against several institutions. On Tuesday, Jackie Da filed a complaint against the actor in the High Court, without his consent. A case has been filed against several organizations for the alleged ‘unauthorized’ use of photographs, voice and the word ‘Bhidu’. According to ‘Live and Law’, Jackie Shroff’s petition will be heard in the court on Wednesday. This case filed before the court is important regarding ‘celebrity rights’ in today’s digital era.

What is the meaning of Bhidu?

Jackie Shroff has filed this case at a time when earlier actors like Anil Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan had also adopted the legal path to protect ‘personality rights’. By the way, for information, let us tell you that ‘Bhidu’ is a Marathi word, which in Hindi means partner.

Anil Kapoor had taken legal action against the use of ‘Jhakaas’

Last September, the Delhi High Court had passed an interim order protecting the personality rights of Anil Kapoor. In this, various organizations were prohibited from misusing their picture, name, voice or the word ‘Jhakas’ associated with their personality for commercial purposes without their consent.

High Court had blocked 44 links in Anil Kapoor’s case

Anil Kapoor had asked the court to stop the use of his photo, his name, his acronym AK, his voice, or his film characters like Lakhan, Mr. India, Majnu Bhai, Nayak and ‘Jhakaas’ without his consent. . He had also demanded protection from the use of any technology including AI, deepfakes, Computer Generated Graphics (CGI) etc. The actor’s legal team then submitted 44 such links to the court, which the court ordered to block.

Amitabh Bachchan also took action on the use of his voice

Earlier, Amitabh Bachchan had also filed a similar application. In this, a jewelery company was asked to stop using her ‘celebrity status’ for publicity. The company had used a voice similar to Amitabh Bachchan in the promotion.

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