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Noodles and rice will not stick to the pan while cooking, Chef Kunal Kapoor reveals a great trick

Women prepare different types of dishes in the kitchen. She knows very well how to fulfill the requests of every person in the house. But the tension increases as soon as there is a desire for noodles, although making noodles at home is not a big task. But many people complain that whenever they cook noodles in a pan, they stick. Now sticky noodles are neither good to serve nor eat.

Similarly, there is a problem with fried rice, as soon as the attention is diverted a little, it gets stuck in the pan. Along with the taste, utensils also start getting spoiled and cleaning also takes time. In such a situation, Chef Kunal Kapoor has given great hacks to solve all the problems. With their help the food will not stick to the pan at all.

Do this work first

If you want that the noodles or rice do not stick to the Kahari, then you will have to try a special trick. For this, Chef Kunal Kapoor tells that first of all heat the pan on high flame and add some oil in it and spread it all around. Now cook this oil till it becomes smokey.

Normal pan will become non stick

Normal pan will become non stick

When the oil becomes smoky, take it out in a vessel and set it aside. Finally, heat the pan again, in this way your pan will become non-stick for some time. By adopting this easy trick, you can cook both rice and noodles easily in the pan, this way you will not have the problem of food sticking.

Learn from Chef Kunal Kapoor

Keep these things in mind also

Keep these things in mind also

If food sticks to the utensil again and again, you will have to pay some attention while cooking. First of all, you should cook food on low flame, this will not only prevent the noodles or rice from sticking but will also prevent them from remaining raw. Apart from this, keep stirring with a wooden spoon every now and then.

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