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Rohit Sharma’s pain spilled over, no one came to help me, I started getting suspicious…

New Delhi. Rohit Sharma, who has traveled from middle order batsman to opening and then captaincy of Team India, has shared his heart’s feelings. The captain of the Indian team told that he has seen a lot in his 17 years of cricket journey. Bad times taught him how to emerge better. Rohit Sharma told that when his time was not going well, he started doubting himself and in such a situation no one came to help him.

Rohit Sharma while talking to Dubai Eye 103.8 said, “Talking about my cricket journey, it has been 17 years since I started playing. Whatever sport you play, it is not easy to reach the international team. Especially in the place and country I come from, where so many people play cricket. From such a place, when you see your name among those 15 players, it is a very different feeling. First of all, you consider yourself lucky, it is true that your hard work plays a role but luck also plays a big role.

Saw a lot in my 17 year journey
“There have been a lot of ups and downs in my cricket journey; in fact, it would be better to see more ups and downs. What I saw in my bad times has made me the person I am today. When you go through extremely bad times, after that you emerge as a completely different person. When I started my career, there were not many positive things to be seen. In fact, I did not have a positive influence on the team either.”

no one helped me
He further said, “There was a time when I started doubting myself. I started questioning myself whether I was made for this place or not. There was a time for me when no one came forward to help. Then I got time to find out what I wanted to do as a person. What do I want from this life and what do I want from the game that I like so much? If I talk about my cricket journey, it has been amazing.”

first published : May 15, 2024, 6:46 pm IST

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