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Hair will reach below the knees, this home made oil gives such tremendous results.

Every girl wants her hair to become so long that when she walks, her hair flutters like a serpent. But the hair growth of some girls is less and the hair of some falls so much that even having big hair becomes impossible. When it comes to wearing a saree or a backless suit, we all have only one wish in our mind ‘I wish my hair was waist or knee long’.

Therefore, today we are going to tell you the recipe of such an oil, after using it for a few days, you will get new life in your hair and their growth will increase like a vine. Then what are you waiting for, make this oil today itself and start using it. (Photo courtesy: iStock)

What are the benefits of this oil?

All the ingredients mixed in this homemade oil are very beneficial for hair and scalp. We are going to use onion to make this oil, the enzymes present in which strengthen the hair and increase their growth. It is also beneficial in getting rid of the problem of thin hair. Apart from onion, many other things have been added to it, so let us know what are these remaining ingredients.

What things are needed?

What things are needed?
  • 1/2 chopped onion
  • 1 teaspoon black sesame seeds
  • 1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds
  • 5 almonds
  • 2 bowls coconut oil

How to prepare the oil?

How to prepare the oil?
  • First of all, take a pan and put all the things mentioned above in it.
  • Now after adding coconut oil in the pan, let all the ingredients cook on low flame.
  • Cook the oil for about 10 to 15 minutes and when the time is over, turn off the gas.
  • Now take a glass bottle, filter the oil in it and mix castor oil along with it.
  • Apply oil on hair 1 hour before bathing and then wash your hair later.
  • You can apply it daily or every 2 days in a week.

Fenugreek gives these benefits to hair

Fenugreek gives these benefits to hair

The same fenugreek seeds which we use to enhance the taste of food is also used to keep the health of hair better. The proteins and antioxidants present in it strengthen the hair and nourish the roots, thereby reducing hair breakage and fall. Additionally, vitamins and minerals help keep the scalp clean and healthy and promote the growth of new hair.

Other ways to keep hair healthy

Other ways to keep hair healthy

If you apply henna and mehendi on your hair, then use one egg and tea leaf water in it. It works to make hair shiny and silky. Apart from this, you can mash ripe banana and apply it on your hair. It conditions the hair.

(Disclaimer: This article is for your information. Also remember that everyone’s skin is different, so do not forget to do a patch test before adopting any kind of remedy. If your skin is sensitive or you If you have any kind of allergy, first talk to a skin specialist. Use something on the skin as per his advice.

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