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Special treatment was given… Amit Shah said on Arvind Kejriwal getting interim bail from Supreme Court

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has given interim bail to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal for election campaign. Due to which he has come out of Tihar till June 1 and is addressing public meetings and rallies. Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s reaction has come today on Arvind Kejriwal’s interim bail. In fact, Home Minister Amit Shah told in an interview given to ANI today that he does not believe that Arvind Kejriwal’s sudden coming out of jail is not a routine judgment. He further said that a large number of people in the country believe that they have been given special treatment.

After that, when Amit Shah was asked a question about the promotion of India alliance with Arvind Kejriwal, he said that right now Arvind Kejriwal is stuck in the case of attack on Swati Maliwal. Let them go free and then see what happens.

Kejriwal is contempt of court

Along with this, Union Home Minister Amit Shah also reacted to Arvind Kejriwal’s statement in which he said that if people vote on brooms, they will not have to go to jail after May 4. On this statement of Arvind Kejriwal, Amit Shah said that he is openly contempt of the court. They say that the Supreme Court does not send the person who wins the elections to jail even after being found guilty. After this, Amit Shah said that now those judges of the Supreme Court who granted bail to Arvind Kejriwal have to think whether their judgment is being misused or used. After this, when asked in the interview that you are against the judgment of the Supreme Court. On what to say, Amit Shah said that it is the right of the Supreme Court to interpret justice but I believe that this is not a normal type of judgment. Many people of the country believe that special treatment has been given.

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