Friday, May 17th, 2024

4 killed in Pakistani security forces firing on peaceful protest in Balochistan

Attacking freedom of speech and expression, Pakistan’s paramilitary Frontier Corps opened fire on people protesting peacefully in Pakistan’s Balochistan province.

Prominent Baloch activist, Mehrang Baloch also shared about the firing by Pakistani security forces and called it a gross violation of the public’s fundamental right to protest and peaceful assembly.

Mehrang expressed condolences to the injured on the incident and said, “Disturbed to hear that the paramilitary Frontier Corps has opened fire on peaceful protesters in Chaman. This is a gross violation of the public’s fundamental right to protest and peaceful assembly. My thoughts and solidarity are with those affected by the violence perpetrated by state institutions. The demands of the Chaman protestors should be heeded.”

Four people were killed and twenty-one others injured in firing by Pakistani military forces on Saturday, Tolo News reported.

Tolo News is an Afghan news channel and website broadcast from Kabul.

Officials of the Chaman protest movement said the incident occurred following protests over the blockage of the Spin Boldak-Chaman crossing.

Sadiq Khan Achakzai, a member of the Chaman protest movement, told ToloNews that Pakistani military forces opened fire on protesters during a break for bread and prayers on Saturday afternoon.

Maulana Mohammad Yusuf, spokesperson and advisor of the Chaman protest movement, told TOLOnews that the attack by the Pakistani army is unacceptable.

Maulana Mohammad Yousuf said, “The martyrs have been killed, and some of the injured have been shifted to Quetta while others are still here. We condemn this action of the Government of Pakistan and demand that the Government legally accept the request of the people of Chaman and end their injustice.

Pakistani military forces set fire to the protesters’ tents and imprisoned more than 50 of them, Tolo News reported.

It is reported that protests against the killing of protesters by Pakistani military forces are still going on and members of this movement have said that they will continue these protests to get their rights.

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