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When did I get angry? A stone in your place… Ashwin angry at Jaiswal


R Ashwin and Jaiswal entertained the fans Jaiswal said- I know when he is angry

New Delhi. Team India’s young opener Yashasvi Jaiswal has said that once R Ashwin got angry at him. What was the reason for Ashwin’s anger? The Indian off-spinner himself has revealed. Jaiswal and Ashwin are currently playing in the IPL for Rajasthan Royals team. Both are currently present in Delhi. Rajasthan Royals will face host Delhi Capitals on May 7. Rajasthan team would like to win this match and officially enter the playoffs.

R Ashwin and Yashasvi Jaiswal attended an event in New Delhi on Saturday. During this, the show’s host Gaurav Kapoor asked Yashasvi Jaiswal whether R Ashwin ever got angry at him. Gaurav also asked why Ashwin was angry at him. On this Jaiswal said that it depends on his mood. According to Yashasvi, ‘I know that Abhi (Aish) Bhai is angry. When do you remain calm? That’s why I talk to them only after seeing everything.

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As soon as Yashasvi Jaiswal said this, Ashwin suddenly asked the young opener, ‘Tell me when did you get angry?’, on this Yashasvi Jaiswal said that once I was at short leg and a ball missed me. On this he said that Yash you should have caught this ball. I said yes sir. But I did not see the ball. Then Ashwin said no, this is wrong. Planning has been done against me. I think he is talking about the test match. Yashasvi replied yes.

Recalling the incident, R Ashwin said that he used to stand at short leg in Test matches. I told him angrily once, friend, if I put a stone here in your place, it can also stop two-three balls. You remain standing. Write the name in it Yashasvi Jaiswal. On hearing this, everyone present in the hall starts laughing loudly.

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