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Will niece Alizeh Agnihotri reveal the secrets of uncle Salman? But Bhaijaan had already warned!

Salman Khan has been entertaining his fans for a long decade. His personal life has been discussed more than his films. There are many secrets too, which are buried. Will the curtain ever rise on these? Will there be revelations from love life to controversies? Perhaps all this would have been known, but before the fans could get excited, Bhaijaan himself dashed the expectations. This incident is related to Salman and his niece Alizeh Agnihotri, where there was a discussion about writing a book on Salman. Salman Khan’s niece Alizeh was asked in the program that if she had to write a book on her uncle, then which title would it be? Will you choose? Before she could respond, Salman jokingly said, ‘I will never let her write a book about me.’ Hearing Salman’s words, everyone present there started laughing. Then he said, ‘As much as she knows about me…’

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Alizeh will make a film about her maternal uncle

This year, at the CNN-News18 Rising India Summit, Alizeh Agnihotri had said that if she had not been an actress, she would have been a director. When asked if she would make a film with her maternal uncle Salman Khan, Alizeh said, ‘Absolutely.’

Which Mamujan is your favourite?

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salman with niece

Alizeh was also asked who is her favorite maternal uncle among Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Salman Khan? She had said, ‘For different things I go to different uncles. Like if I want to laugh, I will go to Sohail Mamu. Keeps cracking a lot of jokes… Arbaaz mamu is very good in giving advice. He speaks very well and is very clear so when I need advice, I don’t even have to ask. The call comes from him himself.

‘Salman Mamu is a child only’

Talking about Salman Mamu, Alizeh said, ‘It feels good to be around him, because he reminds you that you need to stay young at heart… He is still a child, so sometimes being with him I feel like I have become younger. It is known that Alizeh had entered the world of acting with the thriller drama ‘Farre’. His performance received mixed response from the audience.

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