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Devotional juice drips on every name of Khatu Shyam ji, definitely see the list of names for the son.

It is said in the scriptures that Khatu Shyam ji will be worshiped the most in Kaliyuga and nowadays the number of his devotees is increasing rapidly. People all over India are engrossed in the worship of Khatu Shyam ji. If you are also his devotee and a son has been born in your house with his blessings, then you can choose one of the many names of Khatu Shyam ji for your son.

In this article we are telling you some names of Khatu Shyam ji. All these names start with letters N and M and their meanings are also given along with these names. So now without any delay let us know about the names of Khatu Shyam ji.

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boys names starting with letter m

The first name in this list is Madan. Once upon a time the name Madan used to be very popular but now the trend of such names has almost stopped. The name Madan means lord of love. Apart from this, there is also the name Madhav which means God full of knowledge. Shri Krishna is also known by this name.

Madhusudan and Mahendra

The one who killed the demon named Madhu is known as Madhusudan. At one time the name Mahendra was very popular. The name Mahendra means Lord of Indra.

Manmohan and Manohar

Both these names were very much liked in olden times. Manmohan means the Lord who pleases everyone and Manohar means whose image is pleasing to the mind. Khatu Shyam ji is known by both these names.

Mayur and Mohan

Lord Krishna is also called Mohan and he also has a peacock feather on his head. Thus, both the names Mayur and Mohan are also related to Lord Krishna. Mayur means god with peacock feathers and Mohan means all attractive god.

Murali and Nandkumar

Flute is also called Murali and Nandakumar means son of Nand. Being the son of Lord Krishna Nand, he was also known as Nandkumar and Khatu Shyam ji also has a name Nandkumar.

Niranjan and Nirgun

You can name your son either Niranjan or Nirgun. Niranjan means the deity who does not have any blemish and Nirgun is also a unique name.

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