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VIDEO: What qualities should a wife have? Babar Azam gave a funny answer


This question was asked regarding marriage with 29 year old Babar Azam Babar Azam is currently with the team on Ireland tour.

New Delhi. When will Babar Azam get married? This question is often asked to him. 29 year old Babar has fan following all over the world. Right-handed batsman Babar was once again questioned about his marriage. After this, the one who asked the question was none other than the former president of Pakistan Cricket Board and cricketer Rameez Raja. Rameez asked Babar whether he wanted to marry or not? Then this question was put to him that what qualities should his future wife have? On this, Babar gave an interesting answer, which hardly anyone would have expected. This right-handed batsman, who is said to be equivalent to Virat Kohli, is currently on a tour of Ireland where the Pakistan team will play a 3-match T20 series against the hosts. This series will start from 10th May.

A very interesting interview of Babar Azam is going to be aired on Suno New HD channel. The full interview will air on May 11 at 11:03 pm. A clip of this interview is viral on social media. This video has been posted by Ramiz Raja from his official X handle named Showtime with Ramiz Raja with the one and only Babar Azam. Rameez Raja asked Babar Azam, ‘Do you want to marry or not? Babar laughs and says, ‘It has to be done. Why not do it…what does it mean? After this, the female anchor of the show asked Babar what qualities his future wife should have?

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