Saturday, May 18th, 2024

There is fun in crime, don’t be misled into thinking like this. Bihar Police will definitely find your address. Just like Boom Boom Bumrah is searching for the wicket.

Vaishali, Like the accurate yorker of Indian cricket team’s fast bowler Bumrah, Bihar Police is also working on a plan to bowl the criminals directly. She is taking the help of social media to convey the message to the criminals. The aim is that criminals should think a hundred times before committing crimes.

If you think that you will be saved by committing any kind of crime, then you are wrong because Bihar Police will not only find you but will also clean bowl you and send you to jail. Bihar Police has found a unique way to control crime in Bihar and make the police reach criminals.

Warning to misguided people with the help of Bumrah
Vaishali District Police has uploaded the video of Bihar Police on its Facebook page. This video is in discussion. It has been warned that if you commit any kind of crime then the police will definitely find you. This video has also received 1.9k likes so far. Right now people are crazy about cricket in the country. The Indian Premier League has reached its final stage. Bihar Police has adopted the right way to take advantage of this opportunity and convey its message to the people.

…the police will find it
While sharing the bowling of Indian cricket team’s ace bowler Jasprit Bumrah, the police wrote that if anyone does any wrongdoing including crime, cyber fraud, financial fraud, violation of traffic rules, then Bihar Police will clean bowl such criminals. Will send them behind bars. Bihar Police is continuously trying to crack down on crime and criminals with the help of social media.

first published : May 8, 2024, 6:38 pm IST

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