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If these 4 symptoms are seen in a child between exam results, then he needs counseling.. CBSE also released the number.

Why and when counseling is required for students: What if the result is not as expected? No single exam makes a life, nor is it the last exam. Yes, every exam definitely teaches something. Therefore, whether the result is of 10th or 12th, there is no need to stress or worry about it. Psychiatrists in Delhi say that children should accept the results and move forward. Because no result can judge your ability. This is only a result of the number of hours spent on the exam on that day and not your ability.

Psychiatrist of Ihbas, Dr. Om Prakash said that it is true that if work is not done as per expectations then there is stress. Similarly, children also get stressed when the results after the exam are not as expected.


Board Result: Don’t judge yourself by the result

It’s okay to be stressed. But if stress increases, despair increases, the child stops eating and drinking less, starts living alone, then there is a need to take special care of such children. It should be kept in mind that the daily routine of children is not disturbed. At the same time, if there is any doubt about the number in the result, then you can get it rechecked.       

Dr. Omprakash said that children should accept the results. Because they have a huge career ahead of them and there are many paths to their career. What if the result is not as expected? Don’t judge yourself by this. Nor should parents and teachers judge.

Psychiatrist Dr. Sameer Parikh also said that what if the result is not as expected? Got a chance to learn. Work a little harder, try to move forward. Children should learn from every exam, so that their future life becomes better. At the same time, the role of parents is important. Should talk to children. Children should feel that everyone is with them. The conversation should be such that it brings positivity. There should be relaxation in the voice.

Exam Stress: When is counseling needed?

  • child stop eating and drinking
  • couldn’t sleep
  • they started living alone
  • stop talking

…So be alert. Talk to a counselor. Tele Manas is running 51 centers across the country for this. Its number is 14416. Call this and talk to a counselor. Follow the methods suggested by the counselor. If the conversation is not successful with the counselor then the call is automatically transferred to the psychiatrist.

CBSE Helpline Number: CBSE also started counseling

After the declaration of 10th, 12th board results, CBSE counseling has also been started from May 14. You can take help of a counselor by calling the toll free CBSE helpline number 1800118004.

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