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Russian air defense system will defeat the country’s enemies, know the specialty of Igla-S

New Delhi: The Indian Army will soon start receiving short range air defense system Igla-S from Russia. It will be available by the end of this month or beginning of next month. There were continuous delays in this and it is necessary to meet the air defense needs of the army. The contract for Igla-S air defense system was awarded last year. This contract was done under emergency procurement. These are to be assembled in India by a Russian company.

The assembly work will be done by Adani Defense Systems and Technology Limited. Last year, the Army had contracted for 48 Igla-S launchers, 100 missiles, 48 ​​night sights and a missile testing centre. This contract is worth about Rs 260 crores. Whose delivery will start from the end of this month.

The missile will be imported and some parts like sights, launcher, battery will be made in India and assembled here. The Igla-S is fired from the shoulder. Apart from this, the army is soon to get Israeli Hermes-900 drones. The first of the two drones will be available next month. This is a medium altitude long endurance unmanned aerial vehicle. This is also being assembled in India only.

Speciality: The Igla-S is specifically designed to shoot down low-flying aircraft. It can identify and neutralize aerial targets such as drones and cruise missiles. It has to be assembled in India only.

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