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Reached Bangkok on the pretext of traveling, hatched a conspiracy, security agencies of these countries got worried

Delhi Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport Police has finally sent a man who has been playing the game of ‘Main Daal Daal, Tu Paat-Paat’ to his rightful place for almost two decades. Actually, this game, which started one and a half decade ago, came to light in 2002, when Navtej Singh, a person living in Pathankot, Punjab, was deported from Germany and sent to IGI Airport in Delhi.

According to IGI Airport Police Deputy Commissioner Usha Ranganani, the Immigration Bureau officials became suspicious while checking the emergency certificate issued to accused Navtej Singh in Germany. Actually, during investigation it was found that the address recorded in the system of Immigration Bureau and the address recorded in the emergency certificate are different. Just this one mistake cost the accused Navtej Singh dearly.

After which, Immigration Bureau officials detained Navtej and started interrogating him. During the interrogation, even the immigration officials were stunned to hear the revelations made by the accused Navtej. After knowing the intentions of accused Navtej, the Immigration Bureau handed him over to IGI Airport. Meanwhile, IGI Airport Police registered an FIR against the accused and started investigation.

This was the real plan to go to Bangkok
According to DCP Usha Ranganani, accused Navtej revealed during interrogation that he had left for Bangkok in the year 2000 on a tourist visa. After reaching Bangkok, he lodged a complaint of losing his passport and entered Germany illegally. He continued living there illegally for about two years. Meanwhile, he was noticed by German security agencies and he was arrested.

Gave wrong information to German police
During interrogation, accused Navtej revealed that after his arrest he informed the German police about his wrong address. In fact, he knew that due to living illegally, the German police would blacklist him forever. By giving a wrong address he can avoid this action of the German police. This trick with the German police proved costly for accused Navtej and he was arrested at IGI Airport.

The revelations of accused Navtej during interrogation did not end here. To know the whole matter related to Navtej ,The police was lying in ambush for 22 years, one mistake changed the whole situation, the person who deceived the agencies of 3 countries was caught. But Click Do it.

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