Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

Pakistan link revealed in Ahmedabad school bomb threat investigation

In a development on the Ahmedabad schools bomb threats case, the Crime Branch has revealed Pakistani links to bomb threats targeting at least 14 schools in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad.

Bomb threats were received in schools on 6 May, just a day before the Prime Minister’s visit to the state to vote.

Initially, it was discovered that the threatening emails came from a Russian domain, specifically from one email address, tauheedl@mail.ru.

However, according to JCP Sharad Singhal of Ahmedabad Crime Branch, further investigation revealed a link to a military base in Pakistan.

The threatening emails, which were initially believed to be hoaxes, were traced to a man named Tohik Liaqat, who operated from Pakistan under the name Ahmed Javed.

Investigation by another agency also revealed his involvement in suspicious activities.

At least 14 schools in Ahmedabad, Gujarat received bomb threats through emails on Monday.

As soon as the email was received, Ahmedabad Police came into action and started investigation. He said that the police did not find any suspect or explosive in any school.

Earlier this month, on May 1, a total of 131 schools in Delhi had received threatening emails.

However, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued an official statement calling the email a “hoax”.

“There is no need to panic. It appears the mail is a hoax. Delhi Police and security agencies are taking necessary steps as per protocol,” the MHA official release said.

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