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Neither powder nor steroids, Karthik built a strong body in this indigenous way, everyone is asking the secret from ‘Chandu Champion’

The first poster of Bollywood star Kartik Aaryan’s next film ‘Chandu Champion’ has been released. It is difficult to recognize Karthik in the poster and the reason for this is his amazing body transformation.

Chandu Champion’s poster has created a stir on the internet. Each and every muscle of Chandu, who is seen wearing a loincloth and running, is clearly visible. Looking at his look, it is clearly visible how much hard work he must have put in to build such a strong body.

If you are thinking that she has resorted to powder or steroids to get such a stunning body, then you are wrong. Let us know how Karthik has done such an amazing transformation and what lessons you should take to create such a body.

Result of hard work and dedication

Kartik Aryan has achieved such a stunning body through hard work and dedication. His fitness trainer Tridev Pandey told an entertainment portal (Ref) that Karthik loves working out. He does it as a responsibility and is serious about his fitness. He has worked hard for this film.

Karthik made a desi body

Natural body made for Chandu Champion

Natural body made for Chandu Champion

Tridev Pandey told that Karthik Aryan has built such a body naturally without any outside help. Obviously achieving this kind of fitness was quite challenging. He told that reaching 39% to 7% fat percentage was not an easy task.

Karthik does not skip workouts

Body built without steroids

Body built without steroids

He told that it is very difficult to get such a body naturally but we followed hard work and discipline to achieve it, that too without any steroids. Since he also had to shoot for 10-12 hours a day, it was even more difficult with less sleep. But all this was possible due to his dedication and hard work.

Karthik is strict about workout

Karthik is strict about workout

Tridev told that Karthik is very conscious about his health and fitness and going to the gym is an important part of his daily routine. Especially when he signed ‘Champion’, he completely tried to fit in as per the demands of the film.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always consult your doctor for more information.

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