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Modi government is not coming, NDA reached below 272… Yogendra Yadav’s claim increased the tension between Modi-Shah

New Delhi: Four phases of Lok Sabha elections have been completed and now the story of three more phases is left. After this, on June 4, it will become clear in whose hands the reins of the country will be. India alliance is very happy with the 4 phases completed so far and the voting percentage. He believes that the Modi government is about to bid farewell. On the other hand, NDA is firm on its claim of crossing 400, but in the meantime, political analyst Yogendra Yadav’s estimate may give tension to BJP and its allies. Yogendra Yadav has claimed that after the 4th phase of voting, NDA’s figure has gone below 272. He said all this while talking to a news channel.‘I am telling this on the basis of ground study’
Yogendra Yadav was asked in India Today that the claim you are making is quite surprising. On this Yogendra Yadav said that I am a political worker and political workers do not lie. He said that I am not making any exit poll or claim on air. I am telling all this after going on the ground, visiting many places, writing, listening and talking to people. Yadav said that before the start of elections, I had predicted that this time there are great chances that BJP may remain below 250. Although I was not very sure about this. When I started travelling, talking to people and listening, I came to my own conclusions.

NDA got 272 and BJP 250.
While talking to the channel, Yogendra Yadav said that BJP is thinking that it will surpass the numbers of 2019 also, but it is wrong. After what I saw on the ground and talked to people, BJP will remain below 250 seats and NDA will reach 268 seats. How far below 250 the BJP remains can be a subject of debate. Yogendra Yadav further said that let me make it clear from my side that NDA is not coming to power for the third time. He said that there is a crisis whether NDA will be able to prove majority or not.
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