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Needed a visa for Jeddah, got the job done through jugaad, found out something like this at IGIA, that…

IGI Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport The troubles of Zainul, who was standing at the immigration counter, had suddenly increased. Despite having a valid visa and passport, dense clouds of trouble had started looming over him. At the same time, the strict tone of the Immigration Bureau officer and the barrage of sharp questions has started increasing his restlessness. His heart sank when he was told that now he was not being sent to Jeddah but was being sent to the custody of the airport police.

IGI Airport Police Deputy Commissioner Usha Ranganani Told that 23-year-old Zainul Abedin is originally a resident of Sarai Dadumbar village under Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh. Zainul had reached IGI Airport to go to Jeddah by Gulf Air flight GF-135. He had a genuine passport and a valid work visa to travel to Jeddah, but several pages were missing from his passport. Due to which, Zainul was detained.

After initial questioning, the Immigration Bureau handed over Zainul to the IGI Airport police station. During police interrogation, he told that his Jeddah work visa was arranged for him by a travel agent named Ejaz and he gave his passport to Ejaz to apply for the work visa. After this revelation, the police arrested Zainul under section 420 of the IPC and section 12 of the Passport Act.

The search for Ejaz started
DCP Usha Ranganani said that with the arrest of Zainul, IGI Airport police station started searching for travel agent Ejaz. To arrest Ejaz, a team was formed under the leadership of Inspector Rajkumar, which also included SI Madan Lal and ASI Shivram. With the help of local intelligence and technical surveillance, the police team arrested Azazul Haq Siddiqui alias Ijaz from Jamia Nagar area of ​​Delhi.

This thing was confessed during interrogation
DCP Usha Ranganani said that during interrogation, Ejaz confessed to Zainul about tampering with the passport. He told that he runs a company by the name of Heena International Private Limited in New Friends Colony, whose aim is to provide jobs to people abroad. In the beginning of 2024, Zainul had contacted him and asked him to arrange a job in Jeddah and send him there. In return for this work, an agreement was made between the two for Rs 1.3 lakh.

Pages torn from passport
Ijaz told during interrogation that as part of the deal, he also had to arrange a valid work visa for Jeddah for Zainul. Therefore, he put fake immigration stamps on Zainul’s passport to show his travel history so that he could easily get a work visa. This trick of Ijaz worked and Zainul got a valid work visa for Jeddah. After getting the work visa, Ejaz tore the pages with fake stamps and returned the passport to Zainul. This intelligence of Ejaz became a big problem for Zainul.

The story is still pending…
Even though the IGI Airport Police has arrested the accused Zainul Abedin and Azazul Haq Siddiqui alias Ijaz in this case, there is still a chapter left in this story. To know about this chapter ‘Arrived at Delhi airport to go to Jeddah, arrested despite having valid visa and passport, know what is the whole matter’ But Click Do it.

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