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Delhi and Chennai are in danger from this 1 team, playoff hopes may end.

New Delhi. The race for the Indian Premier League 2024 playoffs has now become very interesting. The equations are changing after every match. Kolkata Knight Riders, who are on top, have secured a place in the playoffs. Now Rajasthan Royals will also be eyeing to do the same. Apart from these two, there are 6 teams which are in the race for the playoffs. Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals are under threat from one team. The team, which has lost 6 consecutive matches, has shown a tremendous game and has made a strong comeback by scoring a four-match win.

IPL 2024 has found the first team to reach the playoffs. Now everyone’s eyes are on the remaining three places. In this too, Rajasthan Royals team, which is on 16 points, has a strong claim. This means that there is real competition among the remaining 6 teams only for 2 places. The teams of Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings are already out of the race. Sunrisers Hyderabad have 14 points and their path also seems easy. The real game is going to be with Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals because one team can spoil their work.

1 team can spoil the game of Chennai and Delhi
Chennai and Delhi teams now have only two matches left to reach the playoffs. After winning both these, the team can reach 16 points. This task is not going to be so easy because there is going to be a team in front which has won the last 4 consecutive matches.

The comeback of RCB, which seemed to be out after losing 6 consecutive matches, has been explosive. Only by defeating Chennai and Delhi can Virat Kohli’s team fulfill its dream of reaching 14 points. If this happens then questions will arise on the net run rate. To remain in the race for the playoffs, both teams will have to win at least one match. The amazing thing is that RCB has only two matches left and they will be against Chennai and Delhi. In such a situation, if the Bangalore team loses, it will be out, whereas if it wins, it will spoil the work of the other two teams.

first published : May 12, 2024, 08:03 IST

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