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Jaya Kishori is upset with this habit of her younger sister, every sister swears this is her cry.

Motivational speaker and storyteller Jaya Kishori has a huge fan following. She is also very active on social media. His quotes and videos also become quite viral on social media. People are inspired by the life of Jaya Kishori, who was born in Rajasthan, and also want to know about her.

During a recent interview, Jaya Kishori told about a habit of her younger sister, which used to bother her. Actually, the upbringing of the elder daughter or son of the family is done in such a way that they have to compromise somewhere. Like a common man, Jaya Kishori’s life has also been like this. The habits of her sister are similar to those of almost every younger sister, but the elder sister knows how to manage life well. From which many lessons of life are also learned. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @iamjayakishori)

fight over clothes and slippers

Jaya Kishori’s younger sister’s name is Chetna Sharma, she is also fond of singing like her elder sister. Like every younger sister, Chetna also wears her elder sister’s clothes. During an interview, when Jaya Kishori was asked that she used to fight with her younger sister over clothes and slippers. Then Jaya Kishori had openly talked about her relationship with her younger sister.

clothes kept in younger sister’s cover

clothes kept in younger sister's cover

Jaya Kishori told that “We used to go shopping together, he did not like the clothes at the shop but when I bought the same clothes, he liked them as soon as he came home.” Then she asked, should I wear it? So there are many clothes which I have not worn but she has already worn them. Even today my clothes are visible in his wardrobe. So this is the love of sisters.

elder sisters agreement

elder sisters agreement

The elder children of the house are always taught to compromise, often their toys are given to the younger brothers and sisters. Since childhood, an elder sister gives everything from her clothes to her toys to her younger sister. However, in this way, giving up their favorite things in life also gives them strength because when they grow up, they no longer have so much attachment in their mind for anything, this habit also makes a person’s life easier.

Teasing…but also supporting

Teasing...but also supporting

Elder sisters may be a little hesitant in sharing their things but they know how to support their younger sisters. She stands as a shield for her younger sister in every difficult moment. No matter how many ups and downs come in her life, she always supports her sister. She even fights with the whole world for her sister.

wisdom with love

wisdom with love

The more elder sisters love their younger sisters, the more they make them wise. She makes her sister mentally strong by learning from her life experiences. So that even if ever she is not with her sister, the younger sister can fight the difficulties herself. Also help them in taking the right decision. Therefore, an elder sister supports her younger sister wisely.

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