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IPL Playoff Scenario: Chennai lost its chance by losing to Gujarat, know how it can reach the playoffs now

New Delhi. After losing to Gujarat Titans, the path of Chennai Super Kings to reach the IPL playoffs has become difficult. The team which seemed to be easily reaching the playoffs till a week ago, is now stuck in a do-or-die situation. Now two matches are left in the Chennai tournament. He will have to win both these matches to play the playoffs. If it wins one match and loses one, its playoff hopes will remain intact. But this hope will continue to waver depending on the wins and losses of other teams and it is also possible that it may be out of the race for the playoffs.

Talking about IPL Playoffs Scenario, Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hyderabad are occupying the first three positions in the points table. Kolkata-Rajasthan have 16 points each and Hyderabad has 14 points. After this, Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals and Lucknow Supergiants have 12 points each. These three teams have played 12-12 matches. All three teams have two matches left. All three teams have equal chances of reaching the playoffs. It can also be said that there is competition for one place between these three teams.

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Talking about Chennai Super Kings, after the defeat against Gujarat Titans, they have two more matches to play. The first of these matches will be against Rajasthan Royals in Chennai and the second against Royal Challengers Bangalore in Bengaluru. Rajasthan Royals, playing under the captaincy of Sanju Samson, has won 8 matches in the tournament. Under the leadership of Virat Kohli, Bengaluru (RCB) has won its last four matches. In such a situation, the path of Chennai Super Kings does not seem easy.

Sure way for Chennai to reach the playoffs…
The easiest and surest way for Chennai Super Kings to reach the playoffs is to win both their matches. With this his score will be 16. Its run rate (0.406) is still the highest in the tournament after Kolkata (1.453) and Rajasthan (0.476). Even if Delhi Capitals or Lucknow Supergiants win both their matches, they will not be able to go beyond 16 points. With this, the path to the playoffs will be decided by points as well as netrunrate, in which Chennai is expected to be better.

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If Chennai loses a match then it will have maximum 14 points. In such a situation, its hope of playoff will remain alive only if Delhi Capitals and Lucknow Supergiants also lose one match each. With this, the points of these teams will remain equal (14) and the net-run rate will decide which team will go to the playoffs.

Chennai and Delhi will be in trouble if RCB wins
The Royal Challengers Bangalore team, which was once considered out of the playoffs, has now returned to the race for the top-4. He has 10 points from 12 matches. Now it faces Delhi Capitals on 12th May and Chennai Super Kings on 18th May. If Bengaluru wins both its matches, it will reach 14 points. On the other hand, losing the matches of Delhi and Chennai will mean that they too will not be able to go beyond 14 points. Lucknow Supergiants can also benefit from this, who have two matches left and 12 points. That means the path to the playoffs is still wide open.

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