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I am a cricketer not an entertainer… Why did Gambhir say this to Ashwin?


Gautam Gambhir can become the head coach of Team India Gambhir said that he is a cricketer, not an actor The former opener said that people come to the ground to see him win.

New Delhi. Former Indian cricket team opener Gautam Gambhir has an image as an aggressive player. Gautam has always been ‘serious’ inside or outside the field. Although he has had to face criticism for this, this hero of the 2021 World Champion team says that he will remain as he is throughout his life. Former explosive left-handed opener Gambhir said in a conversation with R Ashwin that people come to the field to see the team winning. Other things don’t matter to them. Gambhir is currently the mentor of Kolkata Knight Riders. Under his guidance, KKR has qualified for the playoffs.

Gautam Gambhir told R Ashwin that there is nothing wrong in this attitude. He said that fans do not come to see him smiling but come to see him winning on the cricket field. Gautam Gambhir said on Ashwin’s YouTube channel ‘Kutti Stories with Ash’, ‘Sometimes people say that he does not laugh. He doesn’t love. He is always intense. People don’t come to see me smiling. People come to see me win. We are in similar profession. I can’t do anything about it. Gambhir has made KKR champion twice under his captaincy. KKR has won the IPL trophy in 2012 and 2014 under the leadership of Gambhir. He says that he is not an actor who entertains people.

Kohli has a chance to become 8th Hazari, can do wonders against Rajasthan Royals, if he misses, he will have to wait for a year.

Rinku- Natarajan, Abhishek- Russell and Narayan- Bhuvneshwar… there will be a fun battle between these players in the Kolkata-Hyderabad match.

‘I am a cricketer, not an actor’
According to Gautam Gambhir, ‘I am not an entertainer. I am not a Bollywood actor. Nor am I any corporate. I am a cricketer and am into performing arts. My job is to win and return to the dressing room. A happy dressing room is a winning dressing room. I have every right to fight for my comrades. It is my right to try to defeat the opposing team while maintaining the dignity of the game. This is what I have learned. If I remain associated with cricket, I will do so till the last day of my life. There is nothing wrong in this.

Gautam Gambhir has collided with Virat Kohli
When Gautam Gambhir used to play international cricket, he had altercations with many players on the field. Gambhir also had a dispute with Virat Kohli in the last season of IPL 2023, although now both have come together. Gambhir can become the head coach of the Indian team. BCCI had recently contacted Gambhir to know his desire to become the head coach of the Indian team, but till now no official statement has come from either Gambhir or the Indian Board in this regard.

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