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57.40% voting in the fifth phase, voting record broken in Baramulla, know where what percentage of votes were cast

New Delhi: Voting in the fifth phase of the Lok Sabha elections held in seven phases on May 20 was once again less than in 2019. This time till 7 pm, 57.40 percent voting took place for 49 Lok Sabha seats in eight states. Which was much less as compared to 62.01 in 2019. However, the Commission says that this data is not final. As the voting data continues to come from remote polling stations. Anyway, this turnout will continue to increase. But till the time of writing this news the turnout was very low.

Maharashtra witnessed the lowest turnout in this phase.

According to the data received from the Election Commission, in the voting held on 49 Lok Sabha seats of eight states on May 20, the worst performing states were Maharashtra, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Where the least voting took place. Like every time, this time too West Bengal remained on top in highest voting turnout. After this, Ladakh state was at second place and Jharkhand state was at third place in highest voting. However, Jammu and Kashmir’s Baramulla Lok Sabha seat saw less voting in this phase compared to 49 Lok Sabha seats in eight states. But despite this, this seat made a new record. The Election Commission of India said that since the 1989 Lok Sabha elections, this seat has recorded the highest turnout of 54.21 percent. Which has been the highest this time in the eight Lok Sabha elections held on Baramulla seat from 1989 to 2019.

Voting took place in the Baramulla Lok Sabha seat of Jammu and Kashmir in the Lok Sabha elections held from 1989 to 2019.

  • 2024-54.21% (till 7 pm)
  • 2019- 34.6%
  • 2014 -39.14%
  • 2009- 41.84%
  • 2004- 35.65%
  • 1999- 27.79%
  • 1998- 41.94%
  • 1996- 46.65%
  • 1989 – 5.48%

A different trend was seen in the voting held for the 5th phase. In this, since the beginning of voting, the states of Maharashtra and Bihar were lagging behind. While West Bengal remained on top. There was no change in these from morning till evening. The bus reached Ladakh from 11 am to 1 pm. Otherwise, West Bengal had the highest voting percentage throughout. However, Ladakh had made great efforts to create the record of highest turnout. But he remained at number-2.

Top 3 states with lowest turnout

  • Maharashtra-48.88
  • Bihar-52.55
  • Uttar Pradesh-57.59

If we look at the figures, Maharashtra had the lowest turnout. Where the voting was about four percent less than Bihar, the state which had the second lowest voter turnout. Here too, the Bollywood city of Mumbai, which is known as the financial capital of the country, saw more or less less voting compared to other seats in Maharashtra. The lowest voting in Maharashtra was 41.70 percent in Kalyan seat. Mumbai South stood second, where 44.63 percent votes were cast. There was less voting in Mumbai North Central, the seat which has the most number of heroes and heroines. Only 47.46 percent votes were cast on this seat. Which stood at number 8 among 13 seats in Maharashtra.

Most voting states

  • West Bengal-73.00
  • Ladakh- 67.15
  • Jharkhand-63.00

By the way, 52.03 percent voting took place in Lucknow seat of Uttar Pradesh. Which stood second as the least voting in the 14 seats of Uttar Pradesh in the 5th phase. The least voting took place in Gonda seat in UP. While most Barabanki. Arambag Lok Sabha seat of West Bengal was among the 49 Lok Sabha seats of all eight states. Where in this phase the highest voting percentage was 7690 percent.

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