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‘His ‘bye-bye’ is going to happen…’ Rahul Gandhi taunted while challenging PM Modi for a debate.

New Delhi: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi on various issues and claimed that the Prime Minister has realized that he is going to have a ‘bye-bye’ in the Lok Sabha elections. While addressing an election rally here, he once again challenged Prime Minister Modi for a direct debate and also said that Modi will never be able to debate with him because of his issues with Adani’s relations, ‘Agneepath’ scheme, China’s encroachment, Corona crisis. Questions will be asked about. Rahul Gandhi expressed hope that Congress and Aam Aadmi Party candidates will win all the seven Lok Sabha seats of Delhi. He said that Congress workers have to vote for their party on three seats and for four seats. Have to support Aam Aadmi Party. Aam Aadmi Party workers have to press the Congress (election symbol) button on three seats and their own party button on four. The former Congress President said that Congress and Aam Aadmi Party workers have come together in this election. Because our aim is to save the Constitution. Rahul Gandhi claimed that many BJP leaders have openly said that if they get a chance, they will tear the Constitution and throw it away.
He said that the first task is to protect this Constitution because this is your future and this is your dream, the voice of your heart. He alleged that Prime Minister Modi has worked only for 22-25 industrialists.

Rahul Gandhi asked questions to businessmen

Rahul Gandhi said that I want to ask small businessmen, what has Narendra Modi done for you in 10 years? What work has been done for the traders of Chandni Chowk, Delhi? He said that demonetization caused losses to small traders, thousands of businesses were closed and GST was implemented wrongly, which also caused huge losses. The former Congress President claimed That Prime Minister Modi did not waive off a single rupee of small businessmen, but waived off Rs 16 lakh crore of Ambani, Adani and many industrialists. He alleged that railways and public sector undertakings are being privatized.

Rahul Gandhi claimed that the contract for the Red Fort, a symbol of patriotism, was also given to someone. He said that two-three intellectuals and journalists wrote letters to me and also wrote letters to Modi ji. He said that Modi ji, there should be debate in democracy, you should debate with Rahul Gandhi. He said that I am ready for debate, Narendra Modi can debate anywhere, at any time. Narendra Modi ji will not debate with me because before that the question will be that what is your relationship with Adani ji? Rahul Gandhi said that when Narendra Modi will be questioned about electoral bonds, he will be trapped, due to three black laws. Questions will also be asked about this.

‘PM Modi has come to know that his ‘bye-bye’ is going to happen’

Rahul Gandhi said that in the debate, this question will also be asked to Modi that when people were dying due to Corona, why did you ask him to clap? According to him, in the debate, Prime Minister Modi will be asked to talk about China’s encroachment and recruitment in the army. Questions will also be asked about Narendra Modi’s ‘Agneepath’ scheme. Rahul Gandhi claimed that due to all these questions, Narendra Modi will not be able to debate with him. He alleged that earlier the Prime Minister used to spread hatred, but recently a journalist When he was interviewed, he said that Muslim brothers used to send food to his house on the day of Eid. Taking a dig at him, he said that Modi ji, you used to say that you are a vegetarian. He claimed that Prime Minister Modi has come to know that his It’s going to be ‘bye-bye’.

Citing a comment of the Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi said that if Congress is getting money from tempo, then the matter should be investigated. He said that we have to stand together and fight ‘Made in China’ and ‘Made in China’. ‘In India’, ‘Made in Chandni Chowk’ and ‘Made in New Delhi’ are to be made. Rahul Gandhi, citing the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal and Hemant Soren, alleged that the central government is using investigative agencies to suppress those who raise their voice against them. Without naming former Delhi state president Arvinder Singh Lovely, who recently left Congress, he said that it would be better if those who are cowards leave because Congress needs brave people.

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