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Entered the airport with a woman, there was a conspiracy to dodge CISF, then suddenly

CISF: A couple entered Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport with the intention of dazzling the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). Before this couple could completely succeed in their plans, their intelligence proved to be their undoing.

In this case, the wife took a flight from the couple to Singapore, but the husband got caught by the alert profilers of CISF Intelligence. The CIAF has handed over this person caught along with all the evidence to the IGI Airport police station.

Meanwhile, IGI Airport police station has identified the accused youth as Jaskaran Banth. He is originally from Ludhiana city of Punjab. Airport police has registered an FIR against accused Jaskaran Banth under section 417/447 of IPC.

The person came under CISF JD in time
According to a senior airport security official, CISF intelligence profilers posted in Terminal 3 of IGI Airport noticed a person who was wandering around in the check-in area for a long time. This person did not even have any luggage.

After seeing the actions of this person, CISF Intelligence started monitoring this person through CCTV cameras. Also, a CISF team started scanning the CCTV footage cameras. In the CCTV footage, this man was seen entering the terminal with a woman.

The whole matter was understood from CCTV footage.
Senior security officer said that CCTV footage revealed that this man along with a woman entered Terminal 3 from Gate No. 5A at around 5.04 pm. After entering the terminal, both of them reached the check-in counter of Singapore Airlines.

After completing the check-in process, the woman entered the immigration area. Whereas this person kept standing there and looking at her. After the immigration check, when the woman proceeded for pre-embarkation security, this man started roaming in the chain-in area.

Interrogation started by taking him into custody
After watching the CCTV footage, it did not take long for CISF to understand the whole story. After which a CISF team was sent to talk to this person. On asking this person, he told that he was going to leave by Singapore Airlines flight SQ-401.

At the same time, when this person’s air ticket was sent to Singapore Airlines, it was found out that there was no passenger named Jaskaran Banth in their flight. This ticket has been booked and cancelled. After which, CISF took this person into custody.

This person revealed this during interrogation
Senior security officer said that after the secret was completely revealed, this person confessed to his crime. He told that he had come to IGI Airport with his wife. His wife had to leave for Singapore on a Singapore Airlines flight.

With the intention of deboarding his wife from inside the terminal, he had created a fake travel ticket by editing the e-ticket. With the help of this fake travel ticket, he deceived the CISF security officer and entered the terminal. Before he could escape the terminal, he was captured.

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