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Customs officers were stunned to see such goods coming out of the container, know the shocking price

customs: The eyes of the customs officials at Patparganj Commissionerate were wide open when during the inspection, special items of strawberry and water melon flavor started coming out one by one from some containers. Within no time, such a huge stock of this special item appeared, the price of which will surprise you. Officials of Patparganj Custom Commissionerate have seized this special item and started searching for its real owners.

According to a senior customs officer, some containers were brought for inspection at the depot under Patparganj Commissionerate. During investigation, it was found that hair accessories were shown inside the containers in the documents, but when the containers were opened for physical check, the officers were shocked to see the sight there. Actually, banned e-cigarettes were hidden inside the containers under the guise of hair accessories.

The price of this strawberry flavored item is so much that…
A senior customs official said that strawberry and water melon flavored e-cigarettes have been recovered inside the containers. The value of the recovered e-cigarettes is around Rs 30,090. Their price has been estimated at around Rs 2.40 crore. It is noteworthy that import of e-cigarettes in India is banned under the ‘Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes (PMIETSDSA) Act, 2019’. Customs has now started searching for the importers of these e-cigarettes.

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E-cigarettes seized by customs.

Despite the ban, e-cigarettes are coming continuously
The Government of India, through the ‘Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes (PMIETSDSA) Act, 2019, in September 2019 had completely banned not only the consumption of e-cigarettes, but also their sale, storage, advertisement, distribution, transportation, import, export, A complete ban was also imposed on production and manufacturing. Despite this ban, e-cigarettes are continuously being imported into India illegally.

Do you know what is the price of e-cigarettes in the market?
The value of 30090 e-cigarettes seized by Patparganj Custom Commissionerate is estimated to be around Rs 2.40 crore. In this context, the cost of one e-cigarette to importers is around eight hundred rupees. At the same time, these e-cigarettes are sold illegally in the market for between Rs 2,000 and Rs 5,000. According to Broad, prices for e-cigarettes vary. It is noteworthy that despite all the efforts of various agencies, e-cigarettes are still easily available in the market.

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