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Change in geopolitics… Switch connection of war, Jaishankar told the importance of India’s foreign policy, diplomacy

New Delhi : External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar spoke about any possible change in India’s foreign policy due to the changing geopolitics in the world. Foreign Minister Jaishankar said that we all should expect that the coming years will be very difficult. He said no one expected there would be a war in Ukraine… We are now in the third year of a war with Ukraine with no end in sight… No one expected such an attack on Israel in October. Or when Israel responded it would last so long…it’s been more than six months

So it’s hard to switch off

The External Affairs Minister said that this (war) is such that once you turn on the switch it is very difficult to turn it off. He said that India needs peace for itself and for the world. Jaishankar said that the first thing for India’s diplomacy is India First. He said that we have to ensure that India is safe, there is peace. Along with this, terrorist attacks should not be carried out against our country… If there are, then we should ensure that there is strict punishment for those who carry out the attacks. He said that there should be peace in the world, if not in the world then at least there should be peace for us. He said that we need growth and progress.

I was sitting with the PM when… Foreign Minister Jaishankar called and told me every single thing related to stopping the Russia-Ukraine war.

What kind of foreign policy is needed?

In a program, the Foreign Minister said that you people are very fortunate that in the last 25 years we have not seen any war in our country. He said that when I was of your age, I have seen the 1965 war, 1971 war and India’s intervention in Sri Lanka and the Kargil war. He mentioned his age during this war. He said that we can wish peace and prosperity for any country. For this, it is necessary that the country has its own foreign policy which ensures this peace. Secure the borders. Also, it should be strong enough to oppose other countries. Along with this he can use his diplomacy. The Foreign Minister said that we tried to do something from our side in the Russia-Ukraine war. When things became difficult between Israel and Iran, we talked to both the countries.

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