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Amit Trivedi and Vidya Malavade went to the polling booth, but were not allowed to cast their vote, know the reason

Everyone is celebrating the festival of democracy with great pomp. Everyone is going out of their homes to cast their vote. Pictures are also being shared with the finger on which ink was applied after voting. But some people also came forward openly on social media who could not do so. Singer Amit Trivedi and actress Vidya Malvade made a video on their respective social media and told the entire incident of how they were not allowed to go to the polling booth and cast their vote despite having a voter ID. Amit Trivedi made a video on his social media handle and told ‘Hello friends, today I went to vote. There I showed them the receipt which the people of the booth had given me and the number was also written on it. I had my voting ID and Aadhaar card, everything. But he said that this number, 1080, which was written on the slip, does not exist. Wherever you have taken it from outside, get it repaired and bring it back. I went outside, where there was a very long line. When I arrived after waiting in line for half an hour, a man started checking some registers for half an hour. I told him that you are searching in paper and book. We are now in the digital era. Everything happens on the internet. well. After checking for a long time, he also checked the phone. Checked all my details. He did everything for half an hour. And then said, not sorry sir. You can’t vote. I asked him I wouldn’t be able to? So he said no sir, we will not be able to do it. And there were 200-300 people who left disappointed. It’s happening with many people. I couldn’t vote.

Even Vidya Malvade could not vote

At the same time, ‘Chak De India’ actress Vidya Malvade also made a video and narrated her ordeal. He told, ‘This is very sad… I spent the last three hours with my parents. I went to the voting booth. Tried to vote but my name was not there. No one knew where I lived. My number was not there. I couldn’t even vote. My parents are more than 70 years old. We stood there for hours. However, they were given chairs to sit there. But… this is very sad. I don’t know how many forms I had filled so that I could get the Voter ID card. But I didn’t get it. I had taken Aadhaar card so that I could vote. But I could not vote. I don’t know what to do. There is no name near Branda Lok Sabha constituency. I was born here, I grew up here. I spent half my life in this house. If my parents’ names were there, then why my name was not there, I don’t know. I am very disappointed and this is not right. This is my right and it is my duty to vote. This whole process started at 10 in the morning and I returned home without voting.

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