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CBSE Result 2024: How were the results of Delhi government schools? It will become clear from CM Kejriwal’s tweet!

Delhi Government School Result 2024: 95.07% students of CBSE Delhi Region have passed. Last year this result was 92.22%. The pass percentage of Delhi West Region was 95.64% and that of East Region was 94.51%. At the same time, in government schools of Delhi, 96.99% students passed in class 12th while 94.2% students passed in class 10th. There has been a jump in the result graph of government schools in both the classes. The result of Delhi government schools in class 12th was 96.99%. At the same time, the result of 10th board was 94.2% which is 8.36% more than last year.

Government schools of Delhi are better than schools across the country: Atishi

Congratulating all the students, teachers and parents, Education Minister Atishi said that once again Delhi government schools have proved that they are tops in the country. It is the result of the education revolution of Delhi and the hard work of our teachers and students that the results of Kejriwal government schools were higher than government schools across the country. He said that the children who could not pass should not be disappointed, but should work hard and try to improve their results.

1,51,429 children from Delhi government schools appeared for the 12th board examination. Of these, 1,46,885 children passed the examination. The result was 96.99%, which is 5.4% higher than last year’s 91.59% and about 9% higher than the CBSE national average.

CBSE Result: 100% children pass in 307 schools

The result of 307 schools of Delhi government has been 100 percent. Last year, all the students in 118 schools had passed. This year the result of 863 schools was more than 90%. Last year the results of 647 schools were more than 90%.

In the 10th board results, the result of Delhi government schools has been 94.2% with an increase of 8.36%. The result of government schools across the country is 86.72%. This year, 1,64,996 students appeared in the CBSE 10th board examination. Of these, 1,55,442 children passed and 9,449 got compartment. 10th result was 100% in 327 schools, last year there were 124 such schools. The result of 843 schools has been more than 90%. In 2023 this number was 528.

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