Saturday, May 18th, 2024

Baloch activist expresses concern over Chinese interference in Balochistan

In view of the increasing interference by Chinese authorities in Balochistan, President of the Baloch Voice Association (BVA), Munir Mengal, held a meeting with French Senator Hervé Renaud on Monday, the BVA said in an official statement.

During the meeting, the two dignitaries discussed a comprehensive document highlighting the deep concerns of the Baloch people regarding Chinese involvement and projects in Balochistan.

The meeting was held amid Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ongoing visit to Europe. Mengal highlighted the important issues of the Baloch people regarding the Chinese initiative within Balochistan, on which the local population does not agree.

Mengal said, “Balochistan, which is currently occupied by Pakistan, has faced challenges arising from the implementation of various projects and agreements that adversely impact the Baloch people and their rights.”

The BVA chairman also said that Pakistan, as a forceful occupier, does not have the legitimate right to make agreements or make concessions over the territory or resources of Balochistan. The agreements made by Pakistan with foreign entities, including China, do not represent the will or consent of the Baloch people.

Mengal further said in his statement that there is a need for greater scrutiny and accountability in enterprises related to Chinese involvement in Balochistan. Additionally, Mengal expressed the urgent need for international attention and action on the plight of the Baloch people.

Furthermore, Senator Renaud acknowledged the seriousness of the concerns raised by Baloch activists and assured them of his commitment to advocate for a thorough examination of these issues within the French legislative framework.

Mengal regularly speaks on the international stage, calling for a solution to the growing issue of enforced disappearances in Pakistan’s Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces at the last session of the UNHRC.

In his intervention, Baloch Voice Association President Munir Mengal drew the Council’s attention to the grave humanitarian crisis unfolding in the region of Balochistan, where the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people are “systematically being violated.” Government of Pakistan” He drew attention to the worrying issue of enforced disappearances, especially in Balochistan.

“Enforced disappearances are a deeply worrying and inhumane practice that has been going on in Balochistan for a very long time,” Munir said. Thousands of innocent people have disappeared without a trace and their families have been left in agony and uncertainty. “This issue not only violates the most basic human rights but also undermines the principles of justice and accountability for which the United Nations stands.”

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