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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Annu Mishra had to face mistreatment at work, is it right to put self-respect at stake to save the job?

Season 4 of ‘Gullak’ has arrived with many small stories and the problems and happiness of a middle class family. This time the focus is on the growing up stage of the younger and elder sons of the Sawal Mishra family, Aman and Annu, and the upbringing of Santosh and Shanti Mishra. On the one hand, Aman, who is on the threshold of adulthood, is drowning in the boat of youth.

On the other hand, the elder son of the Mishra family is seeing the scales of his/her job and self-respect falling here and there. In a scene from an episode of season 4, when Annu Mishra’s boss shouts at him/her, who knows how many working people would have felt that scolding on their hearts. Annu’s scale has tipped in favour of his/her job, but is it right to put self-respect at stake to save the job? (Photo courtesy: Instagram @vaibhavrajgupta, @jameel.mumbai)

Importance of job for middle class

When it comes to the middle class, everything seems to be at stake. For a common man, the money that comes home is not just a form of Lakshmi, it also contains some grains, some clothes and children’s school fees, or we can say that Lakshmi is hidden somewhere in between all these needs. In such a situation, a job is as important for them as a roof over their head.

Annu’s self esteem hurt

Annu's self esteem hurt

In one episode, after the boss shouts at him/her, Annu neither misbehaves with his/her boss nor leaves his/her job. So, will he/she be called putting his/her self-respect at stake for the job? Annu’s life may become unfit while trying to fit AC and heater. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @vaibhavrajgupta)

Job or self respect

Job or self respect

It is often said to the employed people that you have been bought on your fixed salary. In such a situation, if you commit a mistake, it is normal to hear about it, but it is not right to tolerate humiliation every time. Considering the financial problems of the family, one can tolerate rudeness once, but it is better to leave the job than to work without self-respect.

Pay attention to the condition of the house

Pay attention to the condition of the house

Everyone can have different reasons for doing a job. Some do a job in the field to learn business-related information, while others do it to improve their family’s financial situation. If the situation at home is not good, then maybe you can tolerate a little loss of self-respect for the sake of your stomach, but bearing a quick attack can sometimes be harmful.

Deaths due to work pressure

Deaths due to work pressure

In India, more than thousands of people give up their lives due to work pressure. We are not saying this, the statistics are saying this. According to the report of the National Crime Records Bureau, there has been an 11 percent increase in suicides by working people in 2021 as compared to the figures of 2020.

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