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After Corona Vaccine Covishield, Covaxin Increased Tension, These Dangers Are Mentioned in the Report

New Delhi: Recently, after a disclosure by British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, there is a lot of discussion about Corona vaccine. AstraZeneca has admitted in court that Covishield can cause thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) in rare cases. This can cause blood clots to form and reduce the platelet count. In many serious cases, it can also cause stroke and heart attack. After this revelation, discussion started in India also. Serum Institute of India made Covishield vaccine in India using the same formula as AstraZeneca. Covaxin and Covishield were the two main vaccines administered during Corona in India. After Covishield, now a study has come out regarding the side effects of Covaxin. A report published on SpringerLink states that female adolescents and people who have had allergies before are at a higher risk of AESI after taking Covaxin. In one study, certain types of reactions (AESIs) were seen in one-third of the participants, according to the report published on SpringerLink. According to the report, researchers found that female adolescents and people who have had allergies before are at a higher risk of AESI after taking Covaxin. The study, conducted by Shankha Shubhra Chakraborty and her team at Banaras Hindu University, reported that most AESIs persisted during the one-year follow-up included in the study.

Of the 1,024 participants in the study, 635 adolescents and 291 adults were contacted during a 1-year follow-up. The study reported that upper respiratory tract infections were reported in 304 (47.9%) adolescents and 124 (42.6%) adults. This study also found that 4.6% of female participants had menstrual problems. Eye problems were seen in 2.7% of the participants and thyroid deficiency was found in 0.6%. Apart from this, people in the study also faced this problem.

In teenagers:

➤ Skin and leather related problems (10.5%)
➤ General physical problems (10.2%)
➤ Nervous System Disorder(4.7%)

In adults:
➤ General physical problems (8.9%)
➤ Muscle and bone disorders (5.8%)
➤ Nervous system disorders (5.5%)

Serious side effects (1%) included stroke in 0.3% and Guillain-Berry syndrome in 0.1%. According to the study, teenagers, women and people who have had allergies before are at higher risk of getting AESI. The study also found that adults who had co-morbidities had more than double the risk of developing and sustaining AESI. The side effects after taking Covaxin were different from the side-effects of other Covid-19 vaccines. Also, differences in these side effects were seen between adolescents and adults.

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