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People who follow a healthy lifestyle definitely include apple in their diet. Because apple is generally considered to be a treasure trove of nutrients in the list of fruits, some people like to eat it in breakfast while some are fond of eating apple fruit chaat. Apple contains rich amounts of fiber and vitamins, which keeps the body away from many diseases. Apart from this, the immune system also remains strong.

However, as healthy as consuming apples is, it is equally difficult to choose the best and tasty apple. Many times, despite looking good on the outside, apples turn out to be bad from inside. Now, if you buy such an expensive apple and it turns out to be defective, you feel very regretful. In such a situation, we are telling you some tips to buy sweet and juicy apples, with the help of these you will be able to identify fresh apples in a jiffy.

apple size

To buy a fresh, sweet and juicy apple, first of all you should pay attention to its size. While shopping in the market, it is always better to select light and normal sized apples. Because apples that are excessively large and heavy may turn out to be spoiled from inside. Although the weight of an apple also depends on its size, but if your weight is more than required then do not buy such apples.

Identification by color of apple

Red, light yellow or green apples are available in the market. The red colored apple also attracts most of the people. But compared to ruddy red apple, light red and green i.e. mixed color apple is sweeter and tastier. Whereas apples that are greener may turn out to be sour because they are raw. Although there is slight yellowness on the apple, it will definitely be sweeter but it may yield less juice.

identify an apple by touch

By touching any fruit one can know whether it is good or not. To buy sweet and fresh apple, one should pay attention to the stripes of the apple. Actually, apple with red stripes is sweet and tasty as well as juicy. There are also light stains on apples which are not easily visible. Take it in your hand and look at it carefully. If you see even the slightest stain, do not buy this type of apple.

You can tell by the smell also

You can also find out whether an apple is sweet or not by its smell. Because the apple which is sweet has a different smell of sweetness. You can identify a fresh and sweet apple by its smell. If you do not smell any smell then you can also press it and see that sweet apples are juicy.

apple quality

Two types of quality apples are available in the market as Red Delicious Apple and Gold Delicious Apple. In such a situation, many people, out of confusion, buy low quality apples at a higher price. However, compared to golden apple, red apple is more tasty and juicy and is also considered healthy. Therefore it is better to buy Red Delicious Apple.

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