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You will reach Delhi in less fare than e-rickshaw, once again after 30 years the journey to Delhi becomes cheaper.

Report-Piyush Pathak
Alwar. There is relief news for railway passengers in the era of inflation. Traveling to Delhi has become cheaper and easier. Railways is running a summer special train whose fare is very low. People of Alwar are getting this facility after almost 30 years. Passenger fare in Delhi has become nominal. In the era of inflation, this news can be shocking.

Delhi Rewari Summer Special train has been extended up to Bandikui station. Railway passengers benefited greatly from this. Railways is running this train from 25th April to 31st May. This train had last run in 1994. Its fare will be only Rs 35. Passengers will complete the journey from Alwar to Delhi in this nominal ticket. However, the journey will take 4 hours 22 minutes. As of now, there are Mail Express and Superfast trains from Alwar to Delhi, whose fares are quite high.

note the time
According to Railways, the special passenger will depart from Delhi at 8:05 pm and reach Alwar at 12:30 pm and Bandikui at 1:30 pm. In return, the same train will leave from Bandikui at 2:20 and will reach Alwar station at 3:45 pm. After a halt of 3 minutes, the train will leave from here at 3:48 and reach Delhi at 8:10 in the morning. Meanwhile, the special passenger train will stop at Bawal, Harsoli, Khairthal, Alwar, Malakheda, Rajgarh and Baswa between Delhi and Bandikui.

Easy journey for traders
This summer special train will be beneficial for the common passengers as well as the businessmen of Alwar. Traders from Alwar go to Delhi for business work. By traveling by this train, traders will be able to reach Delhi at the time of market opening and their commuting will also be completed at low cost. Apart from Alwar, businessmen from Rajgarh, Malakheda and Bawal areas also frequently travel to Delhi for work. The running of this train will provide convenience to the people. People will be able to travel to India’s capital Delhi in low budget by e-rickshaw.

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