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Yoga Poses: Only 4 yoga asanas will provide relief from cervical spondylitis, every nerve of the neck will get immense relief.

The problem of cervical spondylitis has become very common nowadays and everyone from children to adults are troubled by this problem. This problem especially occurs in those people who work on computers for long hours or sit in wrong posture.

People also suffer from spondylitis due to stress etc.

The pain in the neck in this causes a lot of trouble. Its main symptoms include feeling stiffness in the neck after waking up in the morning, continuous or intermittent pain in the back of the neck, pain in the back of the head and sometimes in the forehead and tingling sensation in the fingers of the hands. There are symptoms. Medicines are effective to some extent in curing cervical spondylitis. But, some yoga asanas are very useful for the treatment of this problem.

These asanas will provide relief from cervical pain in the first week itself


With this asana, you will get a lot of relief from cervical pain. Also called Fish Pose, this yoga asana is known to strengthen the chest and back and improve the breathing system. Matsyasana means asana done like a fish. This yoga asana provides strength and flexibility to our spine. Provides relief from the problem of cervical spondylitis. To do this, lie straight on the ground and place your hands below your hips and palms up on the ground. Now while breathing, lift your head and chest above the ground and then slowly tilt your head back like this. Put your entire body weight on your elbows.



Makara in Makarasana means crocodile and this yoga asana also provides relief from the problems of cervical, spondylitis and shoulder pain. This asana is done lying on the ground. To do this asana, first lie down on your stomach. Then keep the elbows of the hands on the ground and the hands on the chin. Now lift the head and shoulders upwards. Leave your body completely loose. Focus your attention and keep breathing.



Dhanurasana strengthens and makes your spine flexible. It is done in the bow posture and this relieves the problem of spondylitis. It also removes stiffness in the chest, neck and shoulders. To do this asana, lie down on the ground with your stomach down and keep a small distance between the legs. Now bend your knees and bring them near the waist and hold the ankles with your hands. After this, while breathing, lift the chest above the ground and try to pull the ankles. Inhale and exhale in the same manner.



With this asana you will also get a lot of relief from back pain. To do Dandasana, take your right leg backwards and bring the heels together. Then keep your spine, arms and neck straight. After this, lift your chest up and pull your shoulders a little and then come back to the previous posture. Do this for 10 minutes.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always consult your doctor for more information.

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