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Yash will wear clothes made of real gold in ‘Ramayana’! Such preparations are going on for the role of Lankapati Ravana.

Nitesh Tiwari’s film ‘Ramayana’ is being eagerly awaited. Fans are also keeping a close eye on social media to get every detail. Currently the shooting of ‘Ramayana’ is going on. While Ranbir Kapoor plays the role of Shri Ram, KGF star Yash Lankapati will play the role of Ravana. However, nothing has been announced yet by the makers regarding the cast. But Yash is definitely producing ‘Ramayana’. Meanwhile, a big update has come regarding Yash’s character. It is being said that in Ramayana, Yash will wear clothes made of real gold. According to the report of ‘IANS’, a source said that since Ravana ruled the golden Lanka and was the king there, hence Yash, who plays Ravana in the film, will also wear clothes made of real gold. His attire will be made of real gold.

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All Yash’s clothes in ‘Ramayana’ will be made of real gold.

The source said, ‘The clothes being made for Yash are of real gold. Real gold is being used because Ravana was the king of Sri Lanka and at that time it was a kingdom of gold. So, all their clothes, whatever is being used, are made of real gold.’

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Share in the profit of ‘Ramayana’ also? This is the cast of the film

At the same time, there are also reports that Yash will take 20-30% share in the profits of the film ‘Ramayana’. Their fees will be different. However, no official confirmation has been made. In ‘Ramayana’, where Ranbir is in the role of Ram, Sai Pallavi is in the role of Sita. There is talk about Sunny Deol that she will be seen in the role of Hanuman. Arun Govil will be playing the role of King Dashrath while Lara Dutta will be playing the role of Kaikeyi. ‘Ramayana’ will be released in three parts.

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