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World Sindhi Congress highlights plight of Sindhi Hindus at International Religious Freedom Conference

In a show of solidarity and advocacy, the World Sindhi Congress (WSC) played a lead role in the conference convened by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) on 23 April.

With representatives from over 50 countries in attendance, the conference served as a platform to highlight the oppression of Sindhi Hindus in Pakistan.

Liaqat Panhwar, a key member of the WSC US organizing committee, gave a comprehensive account of the situation faced by Sindhi Hindus, particularly emphasizing the harrowing incident of individuals like Priya Kumari, a 7-year-old Sindhi Hindu girl who was kidnapped by a powerful feudal lord. ,

Panhwar explained in minute detail the systemic oppression and threats posed by religious extremist forces in Sindh province.

Over the past two decades, hundreds of Sindhi Hindu girls have been victims of forced conversion and marriage, underscoring the urgent need for international attention and intervention.

Furthermore, Sindhi Hindus find themselves increasingly marginalized and under pressure to leave their ancestral homeland, further exacerbating their plight.

During the conference, the Secretary of USCIRF expressed a strong commitment to take proactive steps to address the specific case of Priya Kumari. Recognizing the seriousness of her situation, the Secretary urged Panhwar to provide all relevant details regarding Priya Kumari’s circumstances so that prompt and decisive action can be taken with a view to securing her release from captivity.

The World Sindhi Congress welcomes this promising development and promises unwavering support to initiatives aimed at protecting the rights and dignity of Sindhi Hindus.

As an advocate of justice and religious freedom, the WSC remains steadfast in its mission to amplify the voices of oppressed and marginalized communities, ensuring that their grievances are heard on the global stage.

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