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We believe in good governance… Justice Surya Kant said a big thing regarding the responsibilities of the judiciary.

New Delhi: Supreme Court Justice Surya Kant on Wednesday said the judiciary is conscious of its responsibilities and duties and keeps in mind the principles of separation of powers and rule of law. A judiciary full of energy and enthusiasm is the hallmark of the Indian democratic system where we believe in the rule of law and good governance and it is our duty to ensure that this commitment is maintained day in and day out.

The court is conscious of its responsibility

Speaking at a seminar on ‘Sustainable Jurisprudence in Democratic Development’ organized by the ‘Indian Council for Legal Justice’, Justice Kant said that it is the judiciary and the judicial system which is constantly engaged with the concerns of the common man. He said that I do not want to ignore or underestimate the role of the legislature in India. India is one of those democracies where apart from judicial activism, we have also had a pleasant experience of the legislative machinery. When we talk about the role of the judiciary, we also keep in mind the principles of separation of powers and rule of law. We all truly believe that the judiciary is conscious of its responsibilities and duties. These are the very fundamental principles that not only prevent centralization of power but also ensure that India as a successful and largest democracy The image remains intact on the global stage.

Justice Surya Kant said that over the last seven decades, the country has witnessed significant changes in the social, political, economic and moral landscape and the written laws may not be able to reflect all these changes on a day-to-day basis. In such a situation, the question arises regarding the rights of the citizens. How to protect them and how to maintain (them) values ​​and democratic rights? Legislative acts cannot be repeatedly amended, enacted or repealed.

He said that here comes the role of the judiciary in dealing with modern challenges. Speaking at the seminar, Acting Chief Justice of Delhi High Court Manmohan said that the role of technology in promoting democracy in sustainable jurisprudence is going to go ahead and said that in this regard All steps are being taken by the courts in India. He said that there are big challenges regarding technology also. He also gave the example of ‘deep fake’ technology promoted on social media and called it dangerous for democracy.

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