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“We are ensuring that this is not repeated”: Maldives Foreign Minister on minister’s derogatory remarks on PM Modi

Maldives Foreign Minister Musa Zameer, who is on his first official visit to India, has distanced his government from the derogatory comments made by some of its ministers against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said it was not the government’s stand. And it is “fair”. Actions have been taken to ensure that this does not recur

In an interview with ANI, Maldives Foreign Minister Zameer reiterated the government’s stand, saying, “I think if you have seen, as you said, we have said that this is not the government’s stand or this is the government’s There is no perspective. And we believe this should not have been done. And then we are taking appropriate action to ensure that it does not recur.”

He said, “And I think if you have seen, there has been a misunderstanding, mainly social media, but the Maldivian governments in India, we understand what has happened and we have crossed that stage now “

A dispute broke out between India and Maldives over derogatory posts made by three officials about PM Narendra Modi.

Maldivian Deputy Youth Ministers Mariam Shiuna, Mahzoom Majid and Malsha Sharif have been suspended indefinitely after making derogatory comments against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the President’s Office has said, reports Maldivian local media Aadhadhu. All three will continue to receive their salaries.

Giving more details about the suspension, Ibrahim Khalil, Minister of Communications in the Office of the President of Maldives, told Adhaadhoo that three deputy ministers have been suspended indefinitely as part of steps taken to look into the matter.

Male is now facing a boycott by Indian tourists, who are one of the largest contributors to the country’s income.

In light of concerns about a possible decline in Indian tourist visits to the Maldives following the controversy, Minister Zameer expressed the Maldivian Government’s keenness to improve relations with India and reiterated its invitation to Indian tourists.

“I think the Tourism Minister has clearly said that he would like to welcome and I would like to welcome all Indians who want to visit Maldives. But I think in the long term, once we move forward because if you look at the last eight months in Maldives and India, we are going through election cycles. So I think we will soon move beyond that stage and we would like all Indian tourists to come back.

“And if you look at the trajectory of what has happened. If you go back about 10 years, there remained a very significant source market and then during Covid, Indian travelers really came into all this in large numbers. And then that trend continued… In the last few months we have grown by about 16-17 per cent and then of course the Indian markets have declined, but I believe it will pick up in the near future. ” He added.

Zameer’s visit to India comes amid strained relations with the Maldives under the government of President Mohammed Muizzu and as India has said it will replace its military personnel from the Maldives before May 10.

In April, the Ministry of External Affairs said the first batch of Indian technical personnel arrived in Maldives to replace defense personnel. India and Maldives have held two high-level Core Group meetings, and the third is expected soon.

Removal of Indian troops from the country was the main election campaign of Muizzu’s party. Currently, around 70 Indian troops are deployed in Maldives along with Dornier 228 maritime patrol aircraft and two HAL Dhruv helicopters.

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